Fjord Retreat
June 2019

Join us for an unforgettable week in one of the most spectaculare fjords of Norway!


Together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you work on your business, learn new skills and get inspired.


A get-away in a beautiful place with smart like-minded people. Expand your network, get inspired and boost your business.


Hiking and Outdoor fun

Flaks is organised for sporty entrepreneurs that have an “It’s not a business, but a way of life”-mindset.

A Norway workation with Flaks

So far, you might know Flaks from our kiteworkations in the South of Spain where we take you along in the lifestyle of the kitesurfing location independent entrepreneurs. This time I would like to share something even more personal with you. The country where a great part of my roots lay and the Lysefjord in particular, where my brother – Hessel Haker – lives and hosts one of the most spectacularly located workation destinations you’ll ever experience.

Flaks is the Norwegian word for ‘luck’. It’s a lifestyle choice. It’s reachable. And I want to share it with you. Let me introduce you to the natural wonders of Norway!

Elmar Haker

Founder, Flaks

Application opens on the 12th of October 2018








Why a Norway Workation at Florli?

Extremely Picturesque

Laidback & Cosy

Untouched Nature

Affordably Reachable

Co-working Facilities

Outdoor Hotspot

Base for Hikes

Beautifully Located

About our Location

Centered in the Lysefjord, one of the world’s most spectacular fjords, between Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and the Kjerag wall lays Florli: a former waterpower-station, housing the world’s longest wooden stairway right up the fjord.

Florli is only reachable by boat. It’s main historic purpose was to house the workers for the hydropower station, but now it’s a popular tourist destination for spactaculare hiking and canoe trips.

Florli has No Shops, No Bars and No Restaurants. It provides just basic comfortable accommodation, a workspot with great internet and the best natural views Norway has to offer.

In short: our workation will not be a luxurious one, but we will have exactly what we need and experience the true beauty of Norway and the cosy admosphere that comes with staying in a remote place like this. This will truly be an experience of a life-time.

You bring your laptop, we'll take care of the rest!

What to do at our Norway Workation?

Hike the world’s heighest wooden stairway

Florli’s main attraction is the 4444 steps up the fjord wall. This is the world’s highest wooden stairway and the views that you get are amazing. The stairs have been build alongside the former watertubes that brought water down to the powerstation. Hiking these stairs is a perfect workout, but only recommended for the fit and agile. The stairs are steep and hiking them is at the visitors own risk.

Take a daytrip to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

The pulpit rock is one of Norway’s top natural attractions. It will definately be in any clickbating top-10 list of things to see in Norway and possibly in the world. Chances are that whenever you googled Norway, you have seen images of it’s spectacular view. From Florli you can easily do a daytrip there and back. This trip requires a general level of fitness, as you will have to get back in time to take the boat back to Florli.

Take a daytrip to the Kjerag wall

Like the Preikestolen, the Lysefjord has another famouse natural attraction to be explored. The Kjerag wall is Norway’s primary basejumping destination. With a 1000 meter sheer drop, spectaculare views and a possibility to stand on ‘the bolton’ (a rock perged between two walls: not recommended!!) this is definately not for people with a scare of hights. The hike up the wall requires a good level of fitness and again: you will have to be back in time to take the boat back to Florli.

Canoe through the Lysefjord

Less nerveracking than peering down from dizzying hights is probably to look up to them. At Florli you can take canoe (closerange) or cayakking (wider range) trips to explore the direct surroundings and get a clearer view of the inner fjord with its spectaculare walls. Chances are good that you see seals and fish jumping around you. Taking a canoe is free for us and we’ll have one included cayak excursion with the group.

Hike to spectaculare viewpoints

Florli is a perfect base for variouse hikes. The most obviouse hike up is via the 4444 steps of the historic wooden stairway, but there are very beautiful alternatives up the mountains with some spectacular views that come close to the grandeur of Preikestolen and Kjerag. Next to the many sheep that graze around freely, you’ll have a chance to spot many other animals that live here.

Fish your own meal

This is probably one of the most relaxing activities you can do around Florli. Fishing on the fjord is good – especially deep sea, where you might want to bait for halibut, leng and cusk. Nearer to the shore, you’ll catch cod, pollocks and mackerels that are there in abundance. Fishing gear will be freely available for those of you who would like to fish their own meal. Either from the ‘Kaya’ or from one of the canoes.

Relax at Florli

Even with all these activities, you will probably remember your relaxing times at Florli the most. It’s simply beautiful to just be there. Listen to the sounds of nature while having a nice cup of coffee, sit around a campfire with your fellow Flaksers or look out over the fjord from your comfy living room.

A quick impression

Getting excited yet?

Read on!

Our accomodation and workspot

Shared Appartments

Our accomodation will be basic, but comfy and cosy. We will have multiple appartments, each housing up to 8 people. You can choose to either have a double room or a triple room. Every appartment will share a food package with a large variety of products and a suggested plan for daily meals so that you can cook your own meals together. The appartments will be very close to the workspot and you will be able to pick up the wifi from there. Each appartment comes with it’s own kitchen and bathroom.

We will have exactly what we need and experience Norway like the locals that live in these remote places.


Everything you need in a comfy space


Share your stay with like-minded entrepreneurs

Great views

Wake up and go to bed with amazing views

Workspot with fast internet

Florli is connected to a fast internet and getting your work done here will be easy and comfortable. We have 24 hours access to our workspot, which will be mostly located at the ‘Skole-pub’. This little red building is beautifully located on the waterfront and was historically used as a school and later as a pub. These days it is used as a cosy meeting place in the evening for Florli’s visitors (expect campfires, guitares and good vibes) and during the day as a work- and conference spot.

Next to the skole-pub we will also have a workspot at Florli’s café, located in the former power station for when the skole-pub is not available for whatever reason. In any case we will have you covered with a desk, drinks (coffee/thee) and good internet.

What we Offer


We will arrange your boattickets with the fjordexpress from Stavanger to Florli and back again. This boat is the fastest available and the route into the Lysefjord is an attraction in itself.


You will have 24 hours access to our workspot with fast internet, coffee/thee and great views. Our tables and chairs will be basic, but comfortable. For our workshops we have a beamer and projector screen available.


We will have a basic accommodation close to out workspot which will have multiple rooms of two or three beds each, a kitchen and a livingroom. Each appartment houses up to 8 people.


This Flaks will be all inclusiveWe provide each apartment with a box of food and a mealplan for the whole week. Cooking, eating and cleaning will be done together. 


The true value with regards to you as a person and your business in general is the Flaks network and the business program. We’ll have three business meetups (pitching, marketing and business efficiëncy) and optional workshops based on your input.


Next to our own work and the inspiring  business meetups, there are some exciting activities included in the program. Think Jacuzzi (really!), Barbeque, evening campfires and cayaking excursions.

A lifelong network of sporty entrepreneurs

Flaks is more than only this one experience. Many of our participants return to our workations, but many also meet up in their home country. By joining Flaks, you'll become part of a very inspiring network of sporty entrepreneurs.

Itinery Norway Workation


Spots will sell out quickly
Limited spots
If still available
697 € 897 € 997 €

*prices excl VAT | limited spots

Business program

  • 3 inspiration-meetups
    – Speed date pitch meetup
    – Marketing/Branding meetup
    – Business efficiency meetup
  • Workshops based on input participants

Fun program

  • Jacuzzie night
  • Barbeque night
  • Cayak excursion
  • Campfires
  • Fishing gear

Application opens on the 12th of October 2018








Optional Extra’s

Pulpit Rock Excursion

On Friday the 26th of May we will organize a group excursion to the worldfamous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen). This guided excursion will take the whole day and includes all transport (boat and bus). Dependent on weather conditions.

Kjerag wall Excursion

On Sunday the 28th of May we will organize a group excursion to the worldfamous Kjearag wall. This guided excursion will take the whole day and includes all transport (boat and taxi). Dependent on weather conditions.

Your Profile

You're an Entrepreneur

You're Sporty


You're Social

You're Adventurous


Elmar Haker

Elmar is the founder of Flaks and is a digital marketeer and wordpress specialist. He has a passion for travel and entrepreneurship and supports his clients - location independently - from the most beautiful places in the world.

Founder of the following initiatives:
Global Talent Project: an initiative to put creative talents in developing countries in the digital spotlight.
Sum of Parts: a joint initiative bringing entrepreneurs together to enhance their businesses.
Flaks: Co-working with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in some of the most beautiful places in the world, while we help and inspire each other to achieve our goals in combination with an awesome experience.

The perfect start to explore Norway


Flørli lays in the middle of the Lysefjord and is reachable by boat only. We get here by boat from Stavanger.

Application opens on the 12th of October 2018








Application opens 1st of December

Don’t be late

The Norway Workation is already popular among our former Flaksers and many have let us know they want to be part of this. We highly advise to book early, as spots are limited.

Contact us if you have any questions!

See you in Norway!

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